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The Hex Warehouse [entries|friends|calendar]
Share. Love. Eat Slugs.

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10 Top Anime/Manga:
01. Fruits Basket
02. Witch Hunter Robin
03. Bleach
04. Inuyasha
05. Gravitation
06. Full Metal Alchemist
07. Hellsing
08. Cowboy Bebop
09. Samurai Champloo
10. Hot Gimmick

10 Top Bands:
01. The Dresden Dolls
02. Disturbed
03. Vienna Teng
04. The Pillows
05. Live On Release
06. Weezer
07. Frou Frou
08. Taking Back Sunday
09. A.F.I.
10. The White Stripes

*All lists in really random order.

This community is for SHARING! Remember that day in preschool? I do. Music. Graphics. Manga/anime. And anything else I feel like. Live life and eat slugs.

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Music Share #1 [24 Nov 2006|02:05pm]

I know Thanksgiving was yesterday...but this song can be appreciated all year long: The Thanksgiving Song--Adam Sandler

This song is freak'IN Hilarious. I suppose it's the theme from Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift. 2Fast, 2Furious, Tokyo Drift Theme--Teriyaki Boyz

Now for a DAMN good song: Don't Leave Me Along--Live On Release

Right Click and Save. Or just listen when they open in a new page. ^^

Have Fun. Be JOLLY.
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Old Icons [20 Aug 2006|01:28pm]


This is the post where all icons from my older journal will be kept. PLEASE DO NOT HOTLINK! Very image heavy. IconsCollapse )
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Request Post [25 Jul 2006|06:54pm]

*If you would like to make a request, please fill out the form below and place it in a comment to THIS post.
*Requests are filled at the maker's own whim. (Icon requests are the most likely to be filled.) Please do not pester.
*Layout requests will NOT be accepted at this time.

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All Martyrdom Aside [12 Jun 2006|09:35am]

'Ello all. I'm going to share crap here. Some I make, some I don't, some I get illegally...so SHH! Follow the rules in the info and don't piss me off. Ja!

The layout design was made by the talented people of LJLAYOUTS.ORG

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