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The Hex Warehouse

Music. Icons. Manga.

Share. Love. Eat Slugs.
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Welcome to the Hex Warehouse. Me, the great and almighty hexes_jala, run this place and you. Follow the rules below and we’ll have a simple coexistence together.

Overall stuff you maybe wanna know: I make my graphics in GIMP--that’s a free program that I LOVE, because I am poor and cannot afford photoshop. For the most part, I do not own the original images that I manipulate. Use common sense here.


1; This is a community for SHARING. And that promotes respect. So above all, be nice to one another.
2; Do NOT say any of the things that I make here are your own, i.e. graphics, icons, headers, layouts, yada.
3; Credit is not required for any graphics unless specified. Specific directions will be with each post. I do appreciate it though.
4; You MUST comment if you take ANYTHING.
5; Do not alter graphics without permission. Keyword: ASK. And this does not mean I will say yes. Most likely I will though; I’m a pushover.
6; Layout requests are not being taken at this time.
7; Try your luck at finding the request post if you want one.
8; Obviously the anime/manga, and music are being distributed in an interweb “illegal” fashion. So take that into consideration.

*If you see that I share some music from a band and want more of them, then you may ask. But don't just ask me if I have any random music...that'd be annoying, don't cha think? Yeah, I do. Ta-ta.

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